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Migrating to Amazon MQ

For decades, messaging infrastructure has been the central nervous system for enterprises. However, in recent years, organizations have started to move workloads to cloud-based, managed open-source alternatives.

Why are organizations migrating?

Old Systems

Most enterprises have 20+ year-old systems with complex and redundant architectures


Old messaging environments are very brittle and require constant maintenance, support, and monitoring


Messaging infrastructures need to be resilient and fast

Higher Costs

Commercial, on-prem message brokers and monitoring tools are expensive

Why Amazon MQ?

  • Amazon MQ is built on proven, open-source, industry-standard ActiveMQ, run on Amazon’s industry-leading, reliable, scalable, highly available cloud platform.

  • Leverage underlying AWS infrastructure to remove the complexity of environments while maintaining and possible enhancing Resiliency and Speed.

  • Leverage AWS monitoring and logging services (CloudWatch and CloudTrail)

Why Cedrus?

  • Over 19 years of experience in managing, architecting, and implementing successful messaging solutions

  • Dedicated Integration, Cloud, and Security practices

  • Solution experts with knowledge of different technology solutions (Amazon MQ, IBM MQ, Apache ActiveMQ, Tibco Messaging Services, Microsoft MQ, and more)

  • Early adopters work hand-in-hand with the Amazon MQ team

Migration Methodology

  • Analysis of usage patterns

  • Review messaging technologies & environments

  • Review application landscape

  • Leverage the Cedrus MQ Discovery Tool

  • Determine the MVP

Migrate MVP / POC
  • Create Amazon MQ Broker with client’s account

  • Work with client to obtain connectivity to AWS

  • Migrate a representative application(s)

  • Document migration process

Architectural Review
  • Review Technical Architectural Requirements (Security, HA/Failover/DR, Monitoring)

  • Detailed review of messaging app interdependencies

  • Detailed review of complete messaging footprint

  • Identify phases of migration and ability to have hybrid approach

Full Migration
  • Create and Configure Amazon MQ Production Environment

  • Complete Phased Approach to migrating Applications

  • Testing and Validation

Cedrus MQ Discovery Tool

This tool is a Node.js, Yeoman generator that calculates the complexity of migrating a client application from commercial brokers to Amazon MQ in seconds. It derives this complexity by detecting code patterns throughout files available in client projects. New patterns can be added and configured easily. The MQ Discovery Tool will produce a file that summarizes:

  • The complexity of migrating the project and how long it takes on average.

  • The details on the complexity of migrating every client file and the MQ coding patterns detected in each one.


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