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Amazon MSK to accelerate modernization with  Apache Kafka 

With modernization needs on the rise with highly complex enterprise production workloads, the list of business value use cases for Apache Kafka continues to grow.

As cloud native modernization efforts transform the legacy application landscape, alignment with business objectives and overarching SRE objectives is paramount.  Amazon MSK provides the building blocks to build business use cases with enterprise scale and security at light speed. 

Why adopt Event Driven Architecture?

Business Intelligence
  • Real Time Data

  • New Data Insights

Extreme Agility
  • Independent Microservices

  • Change Anytime

  • Zero Risk Application Extension

Unlimited Scalability
  • Distributed Design is Built for Unlimited Linear Scale

Increased Uptime
  • Replication is Inherent

  • Failover is Automatic

Cost Reduction
  • Mainframe Extension without Loss of Performance

  • TCO Reduction

  • Flexible Cloud Consumption Models

Why Amazon MSK?

  • AWS Scale and Security

    • Immediate availability with elastic cluster sizing as needed

    • Highly Available Kafka clusters

  • Business Agility ​​

    • Drive use cases and POV's quickly and integrate with existing Kafka

  • Fully Managed ​

    • Focus on Events and modernization, not clusters​ ​

  • Data Driven ​

    • Real time data ​consumption supports machine learning and automation needs

  • Digital Transformation ​

    • Existing systems can; extend value, modernize, scale and enable disruptive user experience​

Why Cedrus?

  • Over 20 years of experience in managing, architecting, and implementing successful enterprise modernization strategies

  • Dedicated Integration, Cloud, and Security practices

  • Solution experts with knowledge of different technology solutions (MQ, Apache Kafka, Serverless, Streaming, and more)

  • Early adopters work hand-in-hand with the Apache Kafka and Amazon MSK team

See our Webinar with AWS

AWS MSK thumbnail.png

Amazon MSK  Methodology

  • Understand the business impact for EDA

  • Analysis of existing legacy systems

  • Align EDA with a business problem or corporate objective

  • Leverage Domain Driven design to classify applications

  • Cross validation and correlation stakeholder sessions

  • Determine the MVP and promote

Pilot MVP / POV
  • Establish the MSK environment

  • Identify producers and consumers

  • Create an event schema / serialization strategy

  • Configure network for access to MSK for applications

  • Migrate one or two low impact, medium complexity applications

Migrate / Go Live
  • Decompose business flows to identify the microservices and events

  • Evolve to an event-first approach

  • Operationalize and promote to additional application use cases

Cedrus Amazon MSK Analysis

Experience how Cedrus has helped some of the largest companies in the world transform with Event driven Architecture.  Cedrus will help uncover the benefits of Kafka and Amazon MSK with a complimentary EDA workshop.


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