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Blue Prism's Intelligent Robotic Process Automation software and platform combine RPA with AI and cognitive capabilities, to ease and quicken your digital workflow.


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Process Improvement Assessment through RPA

A major health insurance providers had over 50 burdensome processes that weighed down employees' workflows and cost the company significant money. They suspected some of these processes might be candidates for automation, and called upon Cedrus to help them prioritize and pave the way for their automation journey. Our business process analysts interviewed employees and observed processes, and used Blue Prism's Process Discovery tool to understand which automation opportunities would present the greatest automation impact and business value.

Group Insurance Bot Design

A major health insurance company wanted to validate their internal migration of long-term disability claims from a legacy (Mainframe) application to a modern web application. The client needed to verify that the claims were properly migrated so that no payments would be missed, but their team had to check manually that the data copied correctly. They would need to perform this manual, time-intensive process for a representative percentage of the tens of thousands of cases to prove its success.

Cedrus' engineers created a Blue Prism bot that would open the mainframe, copy the member data, and cross-reference it with the data in the new web app. At the end of the day, the business owners would receive an automatically-generated spreadsheet report detailing which cases matched and which cases needed to be manually addressed. With this solution, there was no guesswork, 100% of the claims were checked, and thousands of hours of manual labor were saved.


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