Moving to the Cloud is the cornerstone of Digital Transformation. Building Cloud Native products gives you more flexibility, lowers costs, and is critical for organizations to move at a competitive speed as they grow and scale. We use our knowledge of building Cloud Native products, architectural best practices, and our assets to assist you in your journey to the Cloud.


Our Cloud Native experts have extensive experience in your ongoing, iterative journey to the Cloud. Our process will guide you through the process to Cloud maturity and agile implementation.

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With 20+ years of successfully delivering enterprise-grade solutions to some of the world’s largest companies, Cedrus is the perfect partner to tackle the most complex enterprise challenges and guide you through your Cloud journey. Our extensive partnerships and expertise with leading Cloud providers allows us to deliver scalable solutions that span Public, Private, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud.

Your Cloud transition introduces a multitude of new opportunities to improve not only the technology you use, but the way your business operates and solves problems.

American Commercial Barge League (ACBL) needed to upgrade from an in-house solution that no longer met their growing logistics and technology needs. Cedrus advised in business and technical capacities to diagnose their most pressing issues. We used our years of experience in similar fields to suggest a custom solution that would help them manage logistics through IoT, and expand and enhance their existing software in future-safe AWS technologies. Now, ACBL has a strong, modern infrastructure with the benefits of improved accuracy, efficiency, and user experience.

Take a look at their incredible story below!


See the incredible benefits of moving to the cloud that we've provided to clients in Healthcare, Shipping, Insurance, Banking, and other industries.



  • Cloud Readiness Assessment

  • CI/CD Readiness Assessment

  • Cloud & Architecture Discovery Workshops

  • Organization Security Assessment

Measure and Optimize

  • Infrastructure as Code Quickstart and Implementation

  • Workload and Users Onboarding Automation Implementation

  • Policy as Code Quickstart and Implementation

  • AIOps Assessment and Implementation

  • Cost Optimization Assessment and Implementation

  • Cloud Security Assessment and Remediation

  • Application Security Assessment

  • Performance Assessment

  • Cloud Security Monitoring Assessment and Implementation

  • Multi-Cloud Monitoring Assessment and Implementation

Proof and Foundation

  • Design Thinking Workshop

  • Project One MVP Implementation

  • Well-Architected Framework Assessment

  • Landing Zone Implementation

  • CI/CD Pipeline Implementation

  • Backup Migration

  • Data Migration

Managed Services

  • Application Maintenance and Management

  • Platform Maintenance and Management

  • Cloud Managed Services

  • Workload and User Onboarding Assessment and Automation


  • Cloud Center of Excellence

  • Platform Automation (IaC)

  • DevSecOps Strategy, Framework, and Toolings

  • Data Migration, Data Lake, and Event-Driven Implementation

  • API Strategy & Lifecycle Implementation

  • Application Migration and Modernization

  • IoT Quickstart and Full Implementation

  • BlockChain Quickstart and Implementation

  • Container Strategy and Implementation

  • Serverless Quickstart and Full Implementation

  • PCF Migration



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