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Cognitive Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing aren't just about robots and automating tasks; when implemented correctly, they optimize and generate novel intelligence. We make it possible for you to leverage the gold mine you already have: your data.


Today’s enterprise faces several complex and sometimes contradicting priorities to stay competitive:

Increase Efficiency

Enhance Decision Making

Personalize Customer Experience

Maintain Minimum Operational Cost

Over the past 5 years, Cognitive Business Automation has become the greatest driving force in achieving these priorities and pushing the boundaries of innovation; many organizations now implement an intelligent digital labor force to take on tasks formerly deemed possible only for humans.


Do you want to modernize your business processes, but you're not sure where to start? We focus on understanding your problem and environment first, assess and uncover the capabilities necessary to solve it, then deliver you the best possible solution. We can turn opportunities and big, visionary ideas into tomorrow's solutions. We'll outfit you with a future-guarded solution, not just a tactical response.

We understand that every customer business and digital transformation journey is unique, and the 3 most important gears to ensure success of any digital transformation initiative are: 

  1. Full understanding of the user’s challenges and clear articulation of the problem statement.

  2. Proper vetting of the proposed idea from a financial benefit and technical feasibility standpoints to ensure the business & IT investment is fully merited.

  3. Iterative development approach to provide quick incremental value to business and faster time to market.


AI human replacements.png

Artificial Intelligence is the capability of a machine to imitate or engage in intelligent, human-like activities such as thinking and analyzing information, natural language understanding, speech recognition, or vision and image processing. These machine capabilities can reduce redundant and error-prone work for human workers.

At Cedrus, our team of Data Scientists, Robotic & Software Engineers understands that enabling true digital labor requires building an intelligent software client that goes above and beyond a simple task automation to perform tasks such as:

  • Reading information from unstructured content (such as emails, typed or handwritten documents, social media feed etc.) and extracting relevant key entities, intent and sentiment just like a human would.

  • Discovering data patterns and “training” systems to make predictions or decisions explicit programming.

  • Enabling a machine to understand human speech, digital images, and video content.


Use Case 1: Healthcare Company

​​One of our clients, a large health services organization, struggled with inefficient, error-prone processes to update patient information. When millions of providers needed their credentials updated, employees had to verify the provider's authenticity and completeness of information, manually update multiple back-end systems, and email providers to request missing information. The company had a very large team working on the task, processing thousands of emails a day, on a several day delay. This resulted in the team having to sift through huge amounts of unstructured data, extensive operational costs, and elongated response times for their providers.


Our team defined iterations and a roadmap to gain efficiencies through an intelligently automated solution. Artificial Intelligence automated the emails and extracted insight, Natural Language Processing trained a bot to see email intent and extract relevant data, and Robotic Process Automation on the back end sent emails where they needed to go. The company was able to implement our roll-out plan with minimal internal disruption, and no change to the customer's experience. Now, the client benefits from improved efficiency, decreased cost, better insights, and the ability to thrive in a competitive market.

Use Case 2: Alexa Digital Assistant

Our Cognitive Business Automation group is dedicated to helping clients leverage intelligent RPA and AI, with the benefits of automating tasks, reducing costs, and improving user experiences. As a proof of concept, we created a digital office assistant with Amazon's Alexa and AWS Lambda. Take a look here!



Managing an end-to-end business process which involves users, bots, and systems, and monitoring and enforcing Service Level Agreements (SLA) and exceptions.


Managing and governing business and process decisions, and enabling business users to maintain operational decisions in real time without IT involvement.

Content Capture

Reading and extracting text and optical marker information from unstructured handwritten or typed content (documents, PDFs, images etc.), to produce structured, labeled output.

Robotic Process Automation

Automating repetitive user actions/tasks and enabling integration with systems which are closed to the outside world except for user interactions.

Machine Learning

Discovering data patterns from structured data sources and training systems to make predictions/decisions without explicit programming.

Speech Recognition

Converting speech signals to a sequence of words, enabling computers to recognize speech as input.

Computer Vision

Enabling computer software to “see” and “understand” the content of digital images such as photographs and videos.

Natural Language Processing

Narrowing the communication gap between Computer and Human by extracting insights from natural language such as intent, key entities, sentiment, etc.




Get in touch with us! We're thrilled to answer your questions and help you define a vision.

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