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API Czar, CodeSoju at the official Angular and Node Meetups in New York

Updated: Aug 11

A month ago, I had the pleasure of presenting API Czar & CodeSoju at the official AngularJS and Node.js Meetups, which were founded in 2010 & 2012 in New York City. API Czar is a rapid API development tool that enables teams to generate and deploy best practice based APIs, while CodeSoju is an open source initiative that provides a set of standards, best practices and tools to help developers during all phases of the development lifecycle.

In these 2 presentations, I talk about how API Czar & CodeSoju work as well as the importance of the growing community of developers that support them. Both tools spiked a great discussion from the two communities, mainly because they solve everyday challenges they face. API Czar & CodeSoju derived from a key question we ask ourselves after completing any project: How can we maximize our team’s efficiency on large scale projects?

For more information, please visit apiczar.io and codesoju.io.


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