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Cedrus launches new service on Professional Services in AWS Marketplace

[December 3, 2020]– Cedrus, a highly sought-after digital transformation solutions provider and AWS Consulting Partner, announced today that it is participating in the launch of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace. Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now find and purchase cloud development, cloud security, advisory and process automation services from Cedrus in AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog of software, data, and services that makes it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software and data products that run on AWS.

As a participant in the launch, Cedrus is one of the first AWS Consulting Partners to quote and contract services in AWS Marketplace to help customers design, implement, optimize, secure and manage their software on AWS.

With professional services from Cedrus available in AWS Marketplace, customers have a simplified way to purchase and be billed for both software and services in a centralized place. Customers can further streamline their purchase of professional services and software with standard contract terms to simplify and accelerate procurement cycles.

“Cedrus is proud to support professional services in AWS Marketplace,” said Mike Chadwick, SVP of Business Development and Sales. “Our team is dedicated to helping companies find the complete cloud solutions they need to innovate and migrate to the cloud. Now, our customers can access cloud software solutions and our associated services to help them implement and manage their workloads on AWS from one centralized location.”

Available upon launch of the Professional Services Marketplace in AWS, is the Cedrus Cloud Architecture and Security Review. The Cedrus Cloud Architecture and Security Review provides in-depth investigation, security risk analysis and review of AWS architectures, workloads, and governance.

Using a Cedrus developed methodology and toolset that is more comprehensive than Well-Architected Frameworks and reviews, expert cloud security engineers correlate, and cross validate hundreds of variables with events, policies, practices, and system configurations to determine your at-risk status. This unique approach identifies liabilities, risks, and opportunities to improve your security posture that other assessments miss.

AWS customers can contact Cedrus for a walk-through of an actual Cedrus Cloud Architecture and Security Review and compare the gaps their internal assessments may be missing. Email:

About Cedrus - Cedrus designs, develops, and implements modern cloud applications that drive digital transformation at global brands. We are a trusted advisor for design thinking, innovation and modernization founded on expertise in cloud security, cloud native application development, cognitive business automation and systems integration.

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