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The mass accumulation of data, increasing complexity of data, and data privacy regulation have created a significant challenge for companies. We address that challenge through our core capabilities of data governance and sensitive data management, data fabric, and data monetization.


​Our team provides cost-effective solutions to help companies unlock the value of their data while protecting their most valued asset. Allowing our clients to improve the bottom line while better serving their customers creates a significant competitive advantage.

Data Governance and Privacy

The foundation of your future with data. We offer a Data Governance Assessment and a Data Privacy Audit to understand your needs.

Data Fabric and Modernization

How data moves through and is stored throughout your company. We will supply a Data Modernization workshop to elevate your process and infrastructure.

Data Monetization

An assessment and advanced analytics to help your business meet its data monetization goals.


Mid-Size US Bank

We engaged with the customer to help them prepare for a 2-day CCPA readiness assessment, and identified many sources of sensitive data, structured and unstructured. Worked with the client to assess the current state of their data governance program over the course of 3 weeks. We proposed to  implement the technology needed to remedy the identified issues, as well as the consulting to complete the CCPA compliance requirement.


Data Engineering

Data Modernization

  • Support new applications on the cloud and advanced analytics

  • Provision higher volumes of data faster

  • On-prem, hybrid, and cloud implementations

Master Data Management

  • Improve data asset quality

  • Organize and protect master data

Corporate Performance Management

  • Manage your business' financial and strategic performance

Data Governance

  • Data protection and privacy, data lineage, tagging and labeling

  • Data dictionary and data catalog

  • Data quality and movement

  • Data monitoring and reporting

  • Data models and procedures

Data Fabric

  • Virtualize and optimize how data moves around your company

Data Privacy

  • Advisory skills (CCPA, GDPR, HIPPA, and more)

  • Tools, templates, and technologies

  • Compliance-driven sales

Big Data

  • Manage and organize your structured and unstructured Big Data

Data Analytics

Planning Analytics

  • Office of Finance Budget and Planning

  • Workforce Planning

  • Sales Performance Management

Embedded Reports

  • Customized reports integrated with portals and apps

  • LDAP integration, role-based access

Next Generation BI

  • Self-Serve Visualization

  • Embeddable

  • Simplified "any user" deployment


  • Simulation and Forecasting

  • Schedule Optimization

  • Revenue Maximization

  • Efficiency Recommendations

Data Modeling

  • Logical and Physical Modeling

  • Dimensional Modeling

  • Source to target specification

  • Model management

Traditional BI

  • Guided reports and dashboards

  • OLAP Analysis

  • Semantic Tier Modeling


  • Traditional sampling and statistical forecasting

Machine Learning

  • Neural Net, Deep Learning, and other methods

  • Big Data compute with Spark


  • Natural Language Processing

  • Text Analytics

  • Indexing and Search


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