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In the Era of Digital Transformation, where a lot of so-called strategic players talk the talk, we walk the walk. We think strategically but execute tactically. One step at a time, we will guide you through your Digital Transformation journey while helping you build skills internally. Our assets and IP, strategic partnerships, and long experience servicing some of the world’s largest firms ensure your success.


Assist our customers on their path to digital transformation. Bring them advice, expertise, and experience to allow them to securely expand their business and streamline their processes.


Despite Cedrus’ relatively young age, our executive and senior team have been working together, solving large scale problems at some of the world’s largest companies, for more than 25 years. Our DNA and culture are deeply rooted in an uncompromising value system: fairness and ethics, inside and out.

While being recognized for their industry and technology vision and leadership, our senior executives and senior managers remain rooted in the realities of projects and customers’ needs. This “shot of reality” is key to evolve our offerings, practices, investments and partnerships.



With our customers: Be on their side. Maximize the value to cost ratio. Deliver to exceed expectations. It's no surprise why more than 2/3 of our business is with repeat customers.


With our people: Fair chance for all. Merit-based place of work, with accountability and equal opportunity for growth. Our people are held to the highest ethics and standards, and we only hire people that respect and fight for such values. Cedrus is an Active Equal Opportunity Employer, with the mission to prove that business and social responsibilities can co-exist and lead to great successes. We reject and fight against any form of discrimination and hatred and are leading every day by example to eliminate all these forms of inequalities in society.



Nicolas Jabbour


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Entrepreneur and Technology veteran. Leads the vision at Cedrus. At the service of our customers and our teams.


Mike Chadwick

SVP of Business Development and Sales

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Responsible for Sales and Partner Strategy. Believes in the union of technical skills and business value through a design-based approach. Passionate about delivering the right solution and implementing it the right way. 


Ashraf Souleiman

Cloud Native Lead

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Cloud Practice Lead. Helps organizations implement their digital transformation vision and optimize their end-to-end digital experiences.


Hanna Aljaliss

Cognitive Automation Lead

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Focuses on developing business accelerators and innovations using process automation and artificial intelligence to derive business process improvement and operational efficiency.


Kyle Watson

Security Lead

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Guides and advances the cloud security consulting team. Ensures quality in delivery and customer success. Sets investment priorities in security tech.


Charisse Oates

Human Resources

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Provides support in all aspects of employment enabling the team to better serve our external customers. Encouraging employee training and engagement. Understanding benefits, compensation, and safety beyond the expectations of all employees.

Matt Hejnas headshot.jpg

Matt Hejnas

Principal Architect

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Cloud Integration Competency Lead with deep experience architecting, designing, and delivering integration solutions on and off prem, with APIs and Streams for our customers.


Lexi Malouta
UX Competency Lead

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Leads a team of innately curious designers who define the what, why, and how of usable, beautiful products.


Paul Ilechko

Netskope Consulting Services Lead

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Provides technical leadership and guidance to ensure successful project outcomes for our Netskope customers, working closely with our technology partners.

chris d headshot.jpg

Chris Dougherty
Head of Consulting

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Guides customers on selecting and implementing appropriate cloud security solutions to solve their business and regulatory needs.

Mohamed Maher.png

Mohamed Maher

Architecture & Middleware Solutions Lead

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Solutions Architect with over 20 years hands-on experience on wide list of technologies. Expertise in designing and delivering solution around Business process automation and process improvements


Ez Nadar
AI Solutions Lead

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Head of AI Solutions. Focuses on transforming businesses into AI enterprises through the development & integration of conversational AI, NLP, and predictive analytics into their business workflow.


Get in touch with us! Do you have a business opportunity you'd like to discuss? We're thrilled to answer your questions and help you define a vision.

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