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Leveraging our years of AWS experience to guarantee secure, scalable, cost-optimized AWS Cloud Adoption. Expand your business value through Cloud adoption, increase your development agility, implement operational excellence, and leverage cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and AI.


Cedrus is a trusted AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Our long-term partnership is supported by our significant number of AWS certifications and accreditations. We've been recommended by AWS to deliver secured IoT, digital innovation, and modernization projects. Cedrus was featured in AWS' “This is my Architecture” customer testimonial video series (see below). We also deploy Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA).

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Cedrus' Work on Home IoT

Cedrus developed a smart home solution for a major American energy company using AWS services. A gateway device, connected via a serverless solution to a progressive web app, tracks energy usage and controls smart home devices. The customer can also use voice control through Alexa. AWS Greengrass allows the gateway to run a Node.js application, and offers the ability to perform over-the-air updates on the device. Technologies used included AWS IoT, AWS Greengrass, AWS IoT Analytics, API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Cognito. The team also utilized APIs exposed by OpenHab, a vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for the home, with an active community. 


This work was featured at an AWS workshop, where AWS showcased how partners use their technology to interested clients.

Cedrus' Work on Industrial IoT

Cedrus made a smart home integration for peoples' home devices for a leading American energy company. Customers signed up through their energy provider, were provided an Alexa to control smart home devices, and volunteered their usage statistics and control over their smart home devices. Cedrus built a dashboard for the company to see and control the devices and usage. This solution, now managed by the company, is mutually beneficial: customers save money and energy, and the company does not have to build additional power plants to support unnecessary power usage.

Cedrus Featured in the AWS Blog

Cedrus reduced FADEL's API generation time from days to less than 30 minutes using our API Czar tool, which features Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda.

Our work on AWS Privatelink with API Gateway and Lambda Functions

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Our work on AWS MSK for Kafka


Migrate your on-premise messaging infrastructure to Amazon MQ. Learn more here.

Cloud Native Security Framework

An offering that assists customers in composing scrum teams that follow agile, pair programming, and test-driven development best practices to deliver cloud-native products

Art of the Possible

A workshop that brings people together from different departments to formulate new solutions by identifying key business challenges and recommending technology-based solutions that address these challenges

Well-Architected Framework

Move your existing workload to AWS, leveraging cloud best practices

Cloud Migration

Enables AWS customers to modernize and move legacy monolithic applications into the cloud, leveraging microservice principles

Internet of Things

A suite of consultative services that help customers understand how they can legerage AWS IoT services and build a platform to improve their business in new ways

Machine Learning

Assists AWS customers in developing AI-enabled solutions such as chatbots and/or smart unstructured data intake using AWS Lex, SageMaker, and/or Alexa skills

DevSecOps Transformation

Synergize development, IT operations, and security teams


Assists AWS customers in leveraging a hyperledger and quantum ledger database to implement immutable data stores


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