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Cedrus Digital Transformation Solutions Announces New Partnership with Twistlock

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Partnership to deliver automated and scalable container cybersecurity to enterprise clients

September 13, 2018 — New York City — Cedrus, a leading provider of enterprise-class Digital Transformation Solutions, announced today that it has recently joined cybersecurity company Twistlock as a member of the Twistlock Advantage Program. This new partnership will bring the benefits of the Twistlock cloud native cybersecurity platform to Cedrus’s already comprehensive cloud security practice, used by many of North America’s largest companies.

With the addition of Twistlock to Cedrus’s already robust security portfolio, the company will now be able to offer yet another highly unique solution: a comprehensive automated and scalable container cybersecurity platform, one that encompasses precise and full lifecycle vulnerability and compliance management, as well as application-tailored runtime defense and cloud native firewalls. In short, the solution delivers the ability to secure containers and modern applications against the next generation of threats across the entire application lifecycle.

“We are incredibly pleased to have forged this new relationship with Twistlock,” commented Mike Chadwick, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Cedrus. “For so many companies, the traditional approach to cybersecurity is something that has always been slow and cumbersome, with security teams having to resort to manual processes to mitigate risks against attacks. Twistlock has solved that challenge. With the first ever purpose-built solution for containers and cloud native security, companies can now benefit from a technology that encompasses unique cloud native technology paired directly with DevOps-related practices to provide exceptional security. We have no doubt that this will be highly beneficial to all of our enterprise customers, and beyond.”

“Twistlock is trusted to protect the cloud native applications of hundreds of leading organizations worldwide. As we continue to scale our operations, it is increasingly important to partner with companies that deliver solutions for the digital age,” said John Leon, VP Business Development and Alliances at Twistlock. “Cedrus is a leader in Digital Transformation Solutions, delivering the trifecta between digital process, cloud native, and cloud security. This new partnership will result in stronger security solutions for our joint customers.”

The new founded partnership enables Cedrus to deliver a multitude of security benefits to its customers, including:

  • Integration with any Continuous Integration (CI) tool and registry to provide unmatched vulnerability and compliance scanning and enforcement for container images, hosts, and serverless functions

  • The ability to automatically learn behavior of images, microservices, and networks to whitelist known good behaviors while preventing anything anomalous

  • Protecting running applications with layer 3 and layer 7 firewalls reimagined for cloud native environments and powerful runtime defense and access control, providing in-depth safeguarding to prevent next-generation attacks

In addition to the Twistlock partnership, Cedrus continues to be a highly sought-after Digital Transformation Solutions provider within North America and abroad. The company has created a reputation for being able to solve highly complex business challenges for many of the world’s largest healthcare organizations, financial and insurance companies, and more.

By leveraging expertise in digital process automation, cloud native technologies, highly advanced cloud security expertise, and its design thinking methodology—paired with the latest in “smart” technology, including artificial intelligence and robotic process automation—Cedrus continues to help organizations of all types drastically increase productivity and reliability, all while greatly reducing operational costs.

For information regarding the Twistlock partnership, or to learn more about Cedrus Digital Transformation Solutions, please visit

Media Relations Contact EyeVero Marketing Communications Group +1 613-260-3037 ext. 507

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